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Barr & Stroud CF41 binoculars renovated to Navy standards by Avimo in 1986

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This is a very rare example of a pair of Barr & Stroud naval CF41 binoculars, which were part of a batch of 1000 pairs rennovated by Avimo Ltd between 1985 – 1988. The renovation included the addition of coated optics and replacing the original Bakelite prism boxes with aluminum alloy ones, making the binoculars about 100 grams heavier.
The only markings on these binoculars are a serial number R/86/AVL 479 etched along the top rim of the right prism box (indicating they were renovated in 1986), and an AP 1900A over 7X on the front of each prism box.
The leather case has an AVIMO metal plate affixed to the inside lid which reads "THESE OPTICS CONFORM TO NAVY SPECIFICATION DWA/O Spec.1 AND REPAIRED TO A SERVICEABLE 'NOT NEW' CONDITION" with a quality control stamp and matching serial number.
As with most of these renovated binoculars the body has been repainted gloss black, and a bright red dot painted on each barrel just below the yellow arrow.
The optical performance of this example is very good, and the 50mm lenses focus well with a bright sharp image. Both eyepieces can be independently focused, and along with their built in filters (grey, green & polarising), makes these unique binoculars a real pleasure to use.
The cosmetic condition is excellent, and although the original leather case has had some repairs it's still serviceable.
These are serious binoculars weighing just over 1.6kgs without the leather case, and 2.2kgs with.
All buyers please note: due to weight, delivery will be by courier and therefore it is very important that a contact telephone number be entered through the shopping cart at checkout stage.

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Vintage air meter by Lowne Instruments London

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This is a pair of genuine Carl Zeiss binoculars which are in very good cosmetic condition, with only some minor paint loss on the bridge stem.
The lenses are clean and give the sharp clear image that is in keeping with the Zeiss brand quality.
Engraved CARL ZEISS JENA, JENOPTEM 8 x 30W, on one side, they have the serial number 4542125 on the opposite.
They have a leather neck strap with a rectangular eyepiece cover, and are housed in a quality professionally stitched leather carry case with shoulder strap.
I have used them on several occasions and the image quality is excellent.
Measuring just over 6" across and weighing 0.5kgs without the case and 0.8kgs with, they are robust yet lightweight enough for most field pursuits.

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Rare Negretti & Zambra extra high speed air meter to 10 Million feet!

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A fine example of a pair of Dollond 8 x 30 field binoculars serial no 46155 with their original leather case, also impressed with the Dollond name.
In very good condition all round with a clear bright image and clean undamaged coated lenses, they still have their lens protector caps.
Measuring just over 5" in length and weighing 0.5kgs without the case and 0.9kg

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